Improve Your Live Music Venue Customer Loyalty

So you run a live music venue...

You are passionate about music. Your loyal clientele is passionate about music. There are less live music venues than before but there is so much more competition for your patrons' time than ever.

The good part is that you have been doing this for a long time. You have seen bands come and go. You have seen patrons come and go. You are known in your area as a quality live music establishment.

The competition, however, is fierce. Your competition used to be other bars/venues and television and movie theatres. Now it's YouTube, internet, Game of Thrones, Solitaire, Minesweeper, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, other bars/venues, television, movie theatres, and everything else...

The problem with the competition these days is that it is instant. Game of Thrones is a click away. Minesweeper is a click away. Solitaire is a click away. YouTube is a click away.

You have a website. It looks great. But is it a click away?

Yes it looks awesome but it was meant to answer the question "Who is playing tonight" for someone who is in front of a computer, who is sitting down, and who has minutes of time.

The reality is that the person who is asking that question right now is in a car or just about to leave the house, has their phone in their hand, and has seconds not minutes. Which means that your window of opportunity to answer their question "Who is playing tonight" is seconds - not minutes.

Why you need a live music venue web app

From your phone, navigate to your website, select the event/music tab/section, scroll down to find out who is playing at your place tonight - or tomorrow. Time it. Now try this site or this site. See how it feels completely different?

So that's the crux of the matter. If you would like to create a great experience for your regular and semi-regular customers why not reach them where they live - on their phones?

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Steps to get your own live music venue web app